Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cleanin' Machine

Anthony is fascinated by all things that clean. He loves to wipe up his spills ("No! I need a paper towel! I do it!"), he loves it when I vacuum ("I's a gonna vacoom, too!") and he thinks it's just fascinating when we clean windows (which, um, doesn't get done too often). If I'm using Windex, I'll give him a little water bottle and a paper towel, and off he goes. Any window in the house is fair game, and he thinks he's just the coolest thing in the world. He struts around with his little chest puffed out and smiles his big boy smile. Please, God, let this carry over into the teenage years (ha.).

In other news, Anthony has been occassionally using the potty. We still have more misses than hits, and he NEVER tells us he has to go potty BEFORE going in his pants, but if we put him on the toilet every fifteen minutes or so he'll go. We make a huge deal out of it, and he talks about how he's a BIG BOY! I've got two Elmo books on top of the refrigerator that are his as soon as he's potty trained. If you watch closely, he'll go to the refrigerator and eye the books. THEN he comes and says, "Anthony go sit on potty?" We'll get there.

This afternoon is Mimi's birthday party. I'll get a picture of the birthday girl and her nephew and blog it (with her permission, of course!). Mmmmm....dirt cake....

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Renee said...

John M. loves to Swiffer. Which, to him, means spraying a half bottle of the Swiffer 'juice' and making a puddle.