Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Breathing Easier

I've finished three of my four finals, and the fourth one will be available for me to take online, FROM HOME, tomorrow at 9:00 am! Our professor decided that since we didn't have many grades for this class that he would make it so we could use our notes for the final. He did this last year in another class, and I was able to find all of the answers, so I'm not too worried. I've reviewed my notes, made a list of things I think are important, highlighted key words...I'm ready!

This morning, hot air balloons dotted the sky. Anthony was so excited to see them on his way to school. We'll do the balloon glow and fireworks Friday night and the balloon competition on Saturday morning. Best of all, my friend Danette and her daughter Mia may be coming to spend the night on Friday so they can come with us! YAY!!

On Thursday evening my parents, Mark's parents, Mark, Anthony and I will attend the Ringling Bros Circus . I can't wait to see Anthony's face when he sees the elephants and horses up close. I don't know that he's old enough to understand it all, but I know he'll enjoy seeing the animals!

I'm so glad that this semester is finally winding down! My house is in a sorry state (messy, messy, messy!) and I'm going to do some serious cleaning!

I'll post pictures soon of all the fun things going on!

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