Thursday, July 27, 2006

And So It Begins

Remember when you were a kid and one parent was mean to you, so you said, "I want (insert name of other parent here)!" Yeah. Anthony pulled that one this morning.

Our ritual in the morning is that when Mark finishes watching the news, Anthony may watch one of his shows (usually Einstein or Dora). While he's watching the show, he has a Pop-Tart (unfrosted) or Cheerios and a cup of milk. This allows him to wake up slowly, and allows me time to get ready for school. When the show ends, that's the signal that it's time to go to day care and Anthony knows to bring his bowl and cup to the kitchen so I can put his shoes on (he gets dressed during the show) and give him his medicine.

Yesterday morning he asked for a chocolate Pop-Tart. Normally, this isn't allowed since it's frosted (and, well, it's CHOCOLATE...and I don't see how that can be considered anything other than a RARE breakfast treat). Since he hadn't had one in a while, I said OK.

This morning he asked for a chocolate Pop-Tart. And I said, "You had one yesterday. You may have a strawberry or cherry one this morning." And a tantrum was pitched. And somewhere in there, I heard, "You go 'way, Mommy. I want MY DADDY!" And not for that, but for the yelling at me and hitting me, he got a time out.

He's peacefully sitting in his chair at the coffee table in the den...enjoying an unfrosted strawberry Pop-tart, milk and Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals (The Dog, for those of you who know the shows by their host animal). And he even remembered to tell me "Fank you" (without being prompted) for giving him the Pop-tart and milk.

"You go 'way, Mommy. I want MY DADDY!" And so it begins.

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Stacy said...

And you missed him so much while he was gone!