Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prograf Level

Anthony's redraw on his Prograf level was fine! I just spoke to Omaha, and his level was 5.1. That's a little high for ME, but Anthony has had diarrhea since Friday and so he was absorbing MORE of the Prograf than normal. How does that work? Well, because we were limiting Anthony's intake of food to only certain things (oatmeal, potatoes, other starches) and not giving him meats, etc...his absorption of his medicines were at an all-time high. Also, he was not drinking as much as normal (since we would only really give him Pedialyte and water, which he hates and very small amounts of milk) so he was "drier" than normal. SO all that means is that he was absorbing more of his Prograf than normal. We will go back for labs on March 6th...which is THREE DAYS before his TWO YEAR TRANSPLANT ANNIVERSARY!! TWO YEARS!!!

School started on Monday, although my one and only class on Monday was cancelled because the professor was still on vacation. I had Introduction to Theology yesterday and felt like I should make the Sign of the Cross when I left the three hour class! It was a very interesting lecture, and affirms some of my Catholic beliefs. Of course, this class is about Theology and is being taught at a Catholic college, so I wonder how much I'll learn about other religions. I've heard that this professor is wonderful (and hard!), so I'm hoping to learn more about other faiths. My other class yesterday was Immunology (all about the immune system), so I'm really ready to learn more about THAT! That professor is also my advising counsellor for Clinical Lab (the program I hope to enter in June of this year), so I'll have to be extra dilligent in that class. I'm pretty excited about the immunology class, though, since that's our main concern with Anthony.

This Sunday Mark, Anthony, Mike, Margaret and I will be in New Orleans. So to my family in New Orleans, let us know if you'll be in town, and maybe we can meet up somewhere! We'll be going through the Lakeview area (Mark's uncle is repairing his house there now) and just driving through other parts of New Orleans, too. Any suggestions on a good place to get lunch?

Well, that's really all the news for now! Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Thursday and Friday: day care
Saturday: a fun day at home with Mama and Daddy
Sunday: to New Orleans
Monday: a holiday at home!

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Sarah said...

Cool, Anna's 4 year transplant anniversary is March 6th! We will celebrate by goin to transplant clinic. If everything looks good we will start our yearly visits! I can't even beleive that.

Good luck in school. I have been thinking of going to nursing school. Although I feel I know a lot about nursing stuff, I'm sure that all I got was just a little taste of it.