Thursday, January 05, 2006

Potty Talk

Lately, Anthony's new words have included such illustrious ones as "Poo Poo!" and "Pee Pee!". And he'll gladly tell you when he's done either in his diaper. Plus he expects to have his diaper changed immediately. I am taking this as a sign it is time to start potty training. So last night Mark and I bought a potty chair that can either act as a little potty on the floor, or as an attachment to a regular toilet to make the seat smaller. Mark and I agree that we'd rather Anthony use the seat on a regular toilet. This morning I put the seat together and brought Anthony to the bathroom to see it. My idea was just to get him used to seeing the seat on the toilet and maybe he'd eventually sit on it. Later in the morning, Anthony kept saying "Poo Poo!" but was never dirty. I finally clued in that he understood that the potty was for, well, poo-pooing and so I brought him into the bathroom. He sat down and we began to read the book that he got for Christmas about going to the potty. Just as I finished reading, we heard a tinkle! Anthony went to the potty on the toilet! Well, I just about made the biggest deal out of that. He thought he was just the coolest thing in the world! We put a sticker on the poster that came with the potty book and did some more clapping.

He hasn't used the potty again since, but I think I'm just going to let him take the initiative for now. Tell me about YOUR potty training experiences. How easy was it to potty train your child(ren)?

In other Anthony news, Omaha called today to tell me that Anthony's Prograf level is too low, and they want us to get another Prograf level run on Monday. So we'll be back to see Cheri and Melissa in a few days!! Luckily it's only the Prograf level that needs to be redrawn as all of Anthony's other labs were right on target.

School starts Monday for me, and I'll be taking 16 hours this semester. Please pray that I make it through this semester as easily as I did this past one! I took 19 hours last semester and earned one B and the rest A's.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Friday: day care
Saturday: a day with Daddy since Mama is working
Sunday: who knows?
Monday: redaraw Prograf level


Sarah said...

Sounds to me that Anthony is ready for potty training! Those are definitly signs of readiness! Your doing the best, your not pushing. The more you push, the harder it will be. Let him do it on his terms. Mary was about two and a half by the time she was pottu trained, and I stated after her 2nd birthday. Anna took like a week, probably because she saw Mary do it and she always wants to be like Mary. Every child is different, and I have heard boys are much harder to train than girls.

Also, good luck with school. I am sure you will do as good this semester as you did last.

Renee said...

Hooray for Anthony! It does indeed sound like he's ready. I don't know if I'm looking forward to that or not.

angie said...

What a big boy you are Anthony!! Emma is trying her hand at the whole potty training thing also. She doesn't like her little potty chair..she wants to sit on the big one. It is so funny to see such a little girl on the big potty:) Good luck with school!

Lisa and Aiden said...

YAY! That sounds like the interest is peaked.. I can't tell you what we did right.. (cause basicalluy nothing was right ha!) but do what you are doing.. wait till he is ready. I think I pushed it and freaked Aiden out. He was finally bribed with money at 3 years old and 2 months and he hase never looked back. 100% trained.

So if he is showing he is ready.. be patient it will all work out!