Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grits and Shi...um. Stuff

Anthony has had diarrhea on and off now for about 2-3 weeks. It's beginning to really worry me since he's not sick! He's run no fever, he's been full of energy, and he's still sleeping and eating well. I spoke to his pediatrician's nurse this morning and she suggested that we try a dairy free diet for a few days. We're also going to avoid things with lots of fiber (read: Cheerios) and eats things with lots of starch. If this is something viral, it should have worked its way out of his system a while ago, so the peditrician will see him Friday if his diarrhea doesn't improve by then. He'll probably run a few stool cultures and maybe do some blood work (probably including allergy testing). I'm hoping this isn't food allergies, but the more I read about Biliary Atresia, liver transplants and kids with allergies, the more worried I get.

So in keeping with our starchy diet for Anthony, I fixed grits for breakfast. Anthony is in his "No, me!" stage (even though he doesn't say that) and will usually not allow anyone to feed him. So I gave him the bowl of grits and a spoon, grabbed the camera, and let him have at it.

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Saying "Chee!" when he finally realized what I was doing:
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He didn't stop to look up until he was finished the whole bowl.
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I'll post more about the poop situation once something happens. In the meantime, please say a little prayer that this isn't food allergies.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony


Anonymous said...

He needs a haircut! Look at that hair....

Man, I hope it's not allergies, but geesh...now that I hear the symptoms he is having it might be. Diaherra is the first classic sympton (watch the eggs!)

Hugs to you!

"Tammy & Janna said...

Oh NO Laurie....no, no, no, it just can't be. I will say extra prayers that it is just a tough bug. I would start keeping a food journal with the time Anthony eats the food and then the time of his stools. That seemed to help the allergist when it was determined that Janna had food allergies. Janna's ALK/PHOS went crazy during this time too, like in the 7000s. Keep us posted. We will be thinking of you guys.

Sarah said...

Hey Laurie,
My littlest one has had diarrhea for over a week now. I was promised that it is just something viral. She seems happy, not sick at all except for this horrible diaper rash. Since she is refussing eating baby food already (at nine months old!) she has started a lot of new foods. I'm thinking it might have been from something she eat, especially since she has the diaper rash as well. Anyway, I have cut out a lot of stuff. banana's are good for binding, as well as rice, applesauce and toast. Good luck, hope it's not alergies!

Mary M - KatilynsMom said...

Praying for no allergies! Hope he is doing better as I write this. I think I told you this before but you always have the best pictures of Anthony. I hope you are better at putting them in albums than I am.
Feel better little guy!