Sunday, September 25, 2005

Enjoying the Sunday Comics

Anthony enjoys a quiet morning with the comics.

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All is well here after Rita. We lost power for about 8 hours, and listened to some heavy rains and winds. Life will return to normal tomorrow.

I've got four tests and three quizzes this coming week. Please say a quick prayer that I get through it all! I fell well prepared for it all, but these will be the first tests I have taken in a few years, so I'm nervous. And it's been a LONG time since I've had to prepare for this much information all at one time. I'll post once it's all over and let you know if I survived.

Anthony is doing great! We'll go for labs next Monday, but I'm not worried. Mark's well, also. He's been working over time at work to help get all of the unemployment claims processed. I think that's slacking off a bit now. Nothing much going on here, as you can see.

Enjoy your pictures!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Monday: a return to day care!


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi.


Richard (& Aimee)

Jamie(CLASS)Liver transplant 1988 said...

Hello Anthony,
What a cutie you are! I love all the new pictures your mom has been posting :-)!
You've done an awesome job on the site. keep up the good work!!!
Take Care