Friday, September 30, 2005

Brain. Hurts. So. Bad.

Thank God this school week is over. I'm not sure I could have taken much more! I had tests and quizzes coming at me from all directions this week. I knew about all of them, and I was prepared for each one of them, but STILL!

On Tuesday, I had a test in Chemistry, a quiz in Chemistry Lab, and a test in Clinical Studies. On Wednesday, I had a quiz in Biology Lab and a test in Academic Seminar. On Thursday, I had a test in Psychology and in Statistics. In all, that's seven tests/quizzes.

Next week will be easier...ha. I *just* have a test in Biology, a quiz in both Biology and Chemistry labs, and an outline due for a paper I have to write for Psychology class. Then I have a week off, and the week after that is Mid-Terms (I think). Know what? I'm actually loving this. I'm enjoying proving to myself that I can do this, and can do it well. It's a very satisfying feeling. Yes, I'm bragging. Get over it.

Other than studying like a fiend, this week has been quiet. Anthony is doing great! He goes to day care and enjoys playing with his friends there. I'm keeping him home today so that we can spend the day together. I hardly got to see him this week! We'll probably go to the little playground in our neighborhood this morning. We'll meet my dad for lunch and then come home for a naptime.

Sometime this weekend we are going to take Anthony to the zoo! Mark and I have taken him before, but I don't think he got too much out of it. This time I hope he will enjoy seeing the animals we read about in books.

On Sunday, my older sister will be in town. Her birthday is next week, and she's also coming to do some recruiting at LSU for her company. We'll have a birthday dinner for her at my parents' house, complete with a Hummingbird Cake . It's one of Kri's favorite cakes, and she's the best at making it. Now, if her present would just come in the mail on time! I ordered it about a week ago, but the mail system here is still a little slow.

Case in point on the mail: Yesterday I received a bill in the mail from Children's Hospital's Anesthesia group. This was the first bill I had received from them. Also in the mail was a notice saying that we were delinquent on our payment to Children's Hospital Anesthesia group. The first bill was postmarked, oh, August 27th. The delinquent notice was posted September 27th. Hmmmm. The real kicker is that this is a bill that I feel we shouldn't have to pay. The insurance company is telling me that I should have found out who was going to do Anthony's anesthesia for his EMERGENCY MIDNIGHT SURGERY FOR HIS MASTOIDITIS and called the insurance company to verify that Children's Hospital's Anesthesia group was in our network. Now, call me silly, but there are two things I have a problem with in this scenario:
1. The group who did the anesthesia is part of Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital is in our network. I kinda just assumed that any group who is a part of Children's Hospital would also be in our network.
2. Um, it was midnight. He was about to go into a surgery that was completely unplanned. We were in transport from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. OF COURSE I was going to remember to call ahead to the hospital, find out each group that was going to be in surgery (ENTs, residents, surgeons, anesthesia, nurses, etc) and then call our insurance to see if EACH GROUP was in our network. SILLY ME!

Deep breath, Laurie, deep breath. So now I'm going to fight the insurance company on this. As it is, the insurance won't pay the $1000 charge for mileage to transport Anthony from BR General to Children's. They don't pay that unless it's an emergency. Aha! Oh, and for the record, it was the INSURANCE COMPANY that requested that we be transported via ambulance. Huh. When I brought that up, the insurance company said something to the effect of, "Well, that's our right to request that. It was an emergency." I see! But not big enough an emergency to get the mileage paid? "No." AUGH! I'm so tired of dealing with insurance crap.

OK. Got that out of my system. I should be good for another few days.

Monday is lab day! See you then, Cheri and Melissa!

Have a great weekend! We plan to!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Friday: a fun day with Mommy
Saturday: the zoo?
Sunday: Auntie Kri's birthday party
Monday: labs


Renee said...

Sorry about your insurance problems, Laurie. I'm in that boat all the time and I get so FRUSTRATED having to deal with insur. companies! It's like you have to beg them to pay for what is their responsibility to begin with. I hope it all works itself out. Have fun at the zoo. I love going there!

Renee said...


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Sarah said...

Way to go Laurie! Sorry to hear about the insurance worries. Have fun this weekend!