Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This morning as we were leaving the neighborhood, Anthony looked expectantly out of the front window of my car...waiting, waiting, waiting to see our favorite part of the morning drive.

For the past month (longer, maybe?), there has been a picture of a cow on the billboard near the exit to our neighborhood. It's a picture of a black and white cow, an ad for Kleinpeter Dairy . Once he sees the billboard, Anthony makes his cow sound, and I sing Old MacDonald. He rocks back and forth in his car seat, and thus begins our morning ritual.

This morning however, instead of the cow, we saw an advertisement for the LSU Used Piano Sale. I wish I had a camera to illustrate the utter (udder???) look of despair on Anthony's face. He was pointing and waiting...getting ready to dance. And then the bomb dropped. Poor kid.

But I still sang Old MacDonald, and he still danced. We did Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, The Farmer in the Dell, and Where is Thumbkin like we normally do. But even I was sad that the cow was gone. It's so much fun to see him get excited about the cow, and then start dancing even before I sing the songs.

I still got my applause for the songs, so I know that he continues to appreciate my singing, even without the cow!

Thanks for checking in on us. I'll put up pictures soon! Nana and Grandpa, hope you have fun in Midland!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Thursday: Uncle Marshall is coming over for dinner!
Friday and beyond: who knows?


Anonymous said...

Cute little story - smiling the whole time. I liked the song Old MacDonald had a farm when I was little too - now I'm married to the farmer :)

Love to all

Andree said...

That's my comment above - haven't checked in with you in a few days, I forgot how to post my name - just didn't want to come across as anonymous!

tiffany said...

your son is beautiful and you do a great job with his site, i found it through God bless you and your beautiful baby

Anonymous said...

You haven't done the Hooky Pooky yet???? Congrads on going back to school. E

Carol said...

Hey Laurie, why don't you call the Dairy and see if they have a cardboard cut out for Anthony to put in his room? You can have your own little farm in town without the mess.