Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've never had a particularly big problem with going to the dentist, as far as I can remember. As an adult, it's become *that annoying thing* I have to do every six months. And I do go every six months. Yay me.

Now that I've got a child who will need to start going to the dentist, I'm obsessing. I know that the typical start date for cleanings is around the age of three, but Anthony's teeth are horribly gray. I know that it's from the antibiotics (and other medicines) that Anthony has taken, but I want a reassurance from a dentist that this isn't something that will affect his adult teeth. And if it does, well, we'll deal with that then (with bleach!).

But here's what's really getting me about the dentist (highly recommended, by the way). I'm not allowed to be in the room while Anthony is having his teeth checked out. And, hey, that's really a good thing...for Anthony. I won't be able to make him nervous, and he won't be able to cling to me for support. Plus, they said that they have a DVD player set up so the kids can watch their favorite DVD (brought by the parent) while they're having their teeth looked at.

Tell me about your children. Did they handle their teeth cleaning adventures well? Did you?

Maybe I'll request a little Versed for Anthony so that he will be calmer during this visit. And while they're at it, maybe they can get a dose for ME.


Anonymous said...


Both my kids have been going to the dentist since the starting cutting teeth just about. Ashley loves the dentist but she is a weird child. She loves anything in lab coats. Brad has never been frightened of the dentist and now sees a dentist and an orthodontist and he is 9 years old.

I love the kids dentist, I can be in the room with them. Although I am sure they'd be fine in the room without me too.

Actually, I wouldn't go to a doctor with my kids if I could not be in the room with them.

Dentist aren't bad!

Laurie from CLASS

Colleen said...

I wasn't in the room either but that was by MY choice not the dentist. I started takeing my oldest daughter when she was 3, my opinion it is never too early to start good oral hygene. I never had a problem with the dentist, if the child is nervous the dentist should be able to help calm them.

Mary M- Kaitlyn's Mom said...

I started Kaitlyn at the Dentist at age 1 because of the color of her teeth. I started her brother at 3. We see a WONDERFUL pediatric dentist.Is the dentist for Anthony a pediatric one? I would strongly recommend that. We tried family dentist- not even close. I stay in the room... still do at age 10! I would not be comfortable any other way. Good Luck!

Sarah said...

Well, our dentist at Childrens let the parents come in the room. I was surprised at Anna when we took her for the first time because she is usually great with any doctor, but she freaked out. When the finally got her to open her mouth she was fine, and then the next time she went she was fine. Anna's teeth are also discolored from meds and such, I thought for sure that she had cavities, but she didn't. Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

I dont go into the dentist with Robert. That is per the dentist's request and Robert does not have a problem with it. It is a pediatric dentist and he is wonderful. He is constantly getting stickers ( byt the nurse )on him while the dentist is working. The dentist gives him a mirror so he can watch what he is doing etc....
Our first visit was when he was three and I worked it out that he went on the same day that his cousin was going and they were in the room together.
Good Luck,