Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Eat, Eat, Eat...More, More, More

That's the theme in our house these days. Anthony cannot get enough to eat! Everything you put in front of him disappears into his mouth...as evidenced by the picture below of him eating spaghetti and meatsauce tonight.

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Nana sent him home tonight with a big serving of the spaghetti and meatsauce and I'm convinced he ate all but a spoonful. There was no spaghetti left on the chair or tray when he finished! PIG.

Also, Anthony has not cried when I dropped him off at day care this week. Granted it's only been two days, but this is something major for us! Usually I leave a sobbing child cuddling with the teacher. Monday he strutted right on in to his classroom, gave me a kiss, waved "bye-bye" and walked over to the rug to watch the TV. Today his teacher had the kids in a different classroom, but he wasn't thrown off by that at all. And I had to chase him down for a hug and kiss! I thought I'd be excited when this happened...and I am. I'm just a little sad, too. It's just one more step towards "BIG BOY", and I'm not sure I'm ready!

Other than those two things, life has been blissfully boring here. I still can't share my other secret, but it's coming soon, I promise! And no, Andree, no one's getting married...sorry! The "secret" is actually all about me...and Stacy, I'm STILL not pregnant.

Oh! Anthony did the funniest thing tonight (warning: bodily functions written next). While we were all sitting down to eat, Anthony leaned to the right in his chair and let one rip! Well, Mark and I thought that was just the funniest thing, and of course when we laugh Anthony laughs! This kid just keeps doing the silliest things.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
August 1: labs, ENT, immunizations and an afternoon with Maw Maw and Maw Maw Peck!
August 5: a trip to the beach?
August 7: Aunt Emilie comes home from Atlanta!!!


Colleen said...

It is great to hear Anthony is doing so well and eating good too. I cried the frist day I realized that my oldest no longer needed me as well. I took her to her frist day of pre-school and she did't even turn and wave. It was heartbreaking for me but great for her. They grow up so fast and before you know it they tell you things like "not now mom your embarassing me in front of my friends".

Andree said...

Anthony looks healthy as a horse - eating spaghetti is always a great Kodak moment. As far as your "big surprise", I'm going to ask Patsy -Patsy knows everything! Love to all and keep posting - I'll keep dropping by!

Heartmom said...

I happed across your blog today and was so very excited! My daughter is a cardiac transplant patient and it was so nice to read about your son!

I will be back!

Anonymous said...

OK Laurie,
What's the secret??? The antisipation is killing me!