Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Teaching My Child Hand Gestures!

OK, so I'm really teaching Anthony sign language. Some may believe that the middle finger sticking up truly is sign language, and they may be right, but I haven't found it anywhere in my book of American Sign Language! Anthony knows the signs for: ball, more and drink (well, that one pretty infrequently, but we're working on it!). I'm really enjoying seeing his face when I respond to a sign he makes. We're working on "please", "thank you" and "you're welcome"; why do I feel like those three are going to have to be reinforced for a long time?

Anthony and I are both recovering/ed. His cough and sniffly nose are gone, mine are almost. We'll return to the pediatrician on May 27th for a recheck of Anthony's ear infections. I'm hoping these antibiotics he's on will kick them out! If not, all this runny poop will have been for nothing, and I will have been traumatized for no good discernible reason. It's been rough. I've been doing laundry like crazy for a week now! I guess I should just be grateful that this isn't the Rotavirus !

We spent last evening at my parents' house. My sister Emilie starts her internship in Atlanta tomorrow (they're on the road to Atlanta now), and we won't see her for three months! Well, maybe for the Fourth of July if she can get to Dallas, but otherwise...not for THREE MONTHS! Dinner was delicious (tasty spaghetti and meat sauce), and Anthony got incredibly dirty. He was already a little messy from snack time at Day Care, and the red sauce smeared all over his face was charming. My mom had wiped most of the sauce off by the time I got this picture, but you can see traces of it around his mouth. Trust me, you would have thought Anthony had some awful rash on his face if you had seen the before shot.

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Now, why the heck is Anthony in the kitchen sink at my parents' house? Because he's slippery when wet, and it's not easy to keep control of a toddler in a bath tub when there's no tub seat for them to sit in. This is much easier. Plus the counter makes a good drying/diaper putting on/dressing in PJs area. And it makes for good photos. Plus, he comes by it honestly. My parents had a sink in their laundry room at our old house, and if (if?) I was too dirty from playing outside, I got plopped right in there. We have many cute photos of me bathing in a sink. Many. :)

Here's another cute pic of Anthony, post-bathtime, playing in the den. He's got my keys, and he's ready to go! He looks so tall in this picture...and he is! He's growing up so fast. He'll be a year and a half old tomorrow!

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And one more, with the bull that Grandpa (Mark's dad) brought Anthony from a convention he went to (this bull is our favorite stuffed animal, and goes to Day Care with us):

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Sorry I don't have anything really interesting to say! I'll have more once the weekend is over!

Love to all, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

Coming up in Anthony-land:
Friday: Daddy's graduation!
Saturday: Lunch with Maw Maw Peck!
Sunday: Uncle Marshall's birthday lunch!

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