Friday, June 20, 2014

A Handful - Plus One

Dear Benjamin,

Today you are six. SIX! That's a whole lot of fingers, as you have so graciously pointed out to me. It's a few more than I'm ready for you to be, but since I haven't figured out a way to stop time, I'm just going to have to roll with it.

This past year has been one heck of a wild ride with you! You have discovered So! Many! New! Things! and have kept us on our toes trying to keep up with you. You can read now, and can add numbers on the fly. Your vocabulary has expanded, if that's at all possible. You have become less selfish and more aware of others and their needs/wants. You can be reasoned with (sometimes) and you say "Please" and "Thank You" without me prompting you (most of the time). You got the Golden Apple award again this year, for Extraordinary Conduct  at School, and we're still in awe that YOU are the one with the good conduct. We were sure that Pre-K was just "taking it easy on you" and that your Kindergarten teachers would be less tolerant of your outbursts. BUT! They promise us that you were a joy to teach, and that you were a good listener and participant. We see this at home, too - but you are our talker, our do-er, our non-stop-energy-entertain-me-all-the-time kid. You throw temper tantrums and cry at the drop of a hat. You annoy Anthony on purpose now, not just by simply "being". And you do it so masterfully that it's hard to discipline you for it.

And at the same time, you are our lover, our sweetheart, our sensitive child. You want cuddles and hugs a million times a day. You want to be rightthereontopofme when we are sitting on the sofa together. At a restaurant, you want to be IN my lap before and after our meal is served. You can't stand to see anyone be sad; you will rush to draw them a picture, or give them a hug, or comfort them in some way.

Your passions this year: Anthony, trains (duh), trucks (duh), Sebastian the Cat, karate, swimming in the pool and showing off what an amazing swimmer you've become, Legos (duh), Play-Doh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Santa Claus...and so much more.

As annoyed as Anthony gets with you sometimes, he loves you so much. You idolize him, and I think he's not a bad person to emulate. But he is very lucky to have you for a brother, too. You help him to play make-believe, you bring out his imagination, you look up to him so that he WANTS to be a better person because of you.

And every day that I get to be your Mama is the best day on Earth.

I love you more than life itself, doodlebug.


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