Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nein...Anthony is NINE? NEIN.

Dear Anthony, Today you are NINE. This seems to be a big deal to you: it's the last year you'll be single digits. It's a big deal to me, too. But every birthday we celebrate with you is a big deal to me.

This past year has been pretty awesome for you! You've continued to swim on a local swim team and have loved it. You got to go to San Diego, CA for a couple of weeks to Legoland, Disney Land, Sea World, the San Diego zoo, and a lot of other fun places, too. You started Third Grade and are loving your Science class more than anything else; you were so excited that Science became a full-time subject in Third Grade. You say you want to be a Chemist like Parrain when you grow up, and try to absorb anything "science-y" that you can.

You still love Legos. This year it's become Lego Ninjago that holds your fascination. You talk of Lord Garmadon, Lloyd, Kai, Jay, and all of the other Ninjas as if they're real. You sit down with Daddy and Benjamin on Wednesday nights to watch the Ninjago TV show and dissect every little nuance of the show afterwards. You still play with all of the other Legos you've got; Star Wars, City, trains (with Benjamin when he begs you to). There are very few other toys that you want to play with if the other choice is LEGOS.

You made your First Communion in April, and were SO excited to finally be able to take communion with us at Mass. You asked all kinds of important questions about making your First Communion, but the one you were most concerned about was whether you had to drink the wine or not. You were hesitant to do it, but took a tiny sip of it during the Ceremony and decided you wouldn't like to do THAT again!

Shortly after First Communion, you asked to have your hair cut "really, really short". So I broke out Daddy's electric hair trimmer and buzzed you. At first, it took a little getting used to. But after a few days we all agreed that it looks REALLY good on you. You're letting your hair grow out "for the winter, Mama" and it looks strange to me - seeing you with longer hair might take some getting used to. And then, I'm sure you'll want it buzzed again!

You got braces this summer, too. You were so excited about getting them and rarely complain of pain associated with them. I'm so glad, because I remember that mine were painful; especially after a visit to the orthodontist. You've done a really good job of keeping them clean and in good condition. And we've already noticed a huge improvement in your teeth placement and speech.

You make us laugh every day. You are so smart, sweet, and loving. You hate when Benjamin cries, and always want to be first into his room in the morning for hugs. You love to help cook in the kitchen, camping out with Daddy, playing with your friends, building elaborate Lego creations with Benjamin, and reading with me. You don't like being told "no" without an explanation to go with it, missing school, or sleeping late.

Watching you grow and change is one of the best parts of my life. Each day it seems like you're less a boy and more the man I know you will one day be. Keep making me laugh, Anthony...you're what makes my days bright. Love, Mama

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