Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Touring DC - November 24

I'm going to have to do this in multiple posts because I have SO many pictures to share!

This one is clearly not from the 24th, but I couldn't resist putting up this cute picture of Benjamin passed out on the plane. He slept the entire flight from Atlanta to DC!

Anthony at the Capitol. We walked all around the outside, taking pictures. We were able to tour the Capitol on Friday.

Nanny and Teeta (also known as Nana and Grandpa) with my boys.

This is the back side of the Capitol. The front is much the same...more steps!

Godfathers with their Godsons.

After walking around the Capitol, we wandered over to the Botanical Gardens. They had put up their Christmas Train display and we saw....THOMAS THE TRAIN, MAMA! Benjamin was very excited.

Benjamin spent a lot of that day on someone's back or shoulders. I got smart and bought a small stroller the next day. But on Thanksgiving Day, he kept telling Parrain to do silly things like, "Be a wall, Parrain!" And Parrain was very willing to oblige.

Anthony had tons of questions about the Vietnam War. Some were hard to answer. Benjamin just liked looking at the American flags put up here and there.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Uncle Matt tossing Anthony around. I think Anthony had had enough of walking by that point, too!

Hi, guys!

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