Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trying to Keep Up - And Failing Miserably

On the way from the bus stop to day care this morning, this is what came out of Benjamin's mouth:

Wheee! Follow Nee-Nee's bus, Mama! Go down the hill, Mama! Down, down, down.
Dere's Nee-Nee's bus, Mama! Go, Mama! Go Go Go!!
Why you gotta stop, Mama? Don't stop! Follow Nee-Nee's bus, Mama!
Nee-Nee is Anniken and I's LUKE, Mama. You like Star Wars, Mama?
Look, Mama! Trees! MY trees! LEAVES! The trees have LEAVES!!
A gate! The gate is OPEN! Why it not closed, Mama?
Ooooh! My castle! Dere's my CASTLE, Mama! Do you like my castle?
Wait! Nee-Nee's bus! Follow Nee-Nee's bus, Mama!
Plane! A plane! I see a plane! Do you see the plane, Mama?
What 'dis song, Mama? Turn it up? What dis song, Mama? SING IT, MAMA!
(By the way, the song is "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis and the first set of lyrics we hear are, "Where were you while we were getting high?" - AWESOME)
Is it bike day, Mama? You gots my bike, Mama?
Go up the hill, Mama! UP UP UP!!!
I ride my bike in the gym, Mama! FAST! I ride my bike FAST!
Leo (the stuffed lion) ride in my basket, Mama? I let Leo ride in my basket. He like to go FAST, Mama!
Get my bike out the trunk, Mama! I ride my bike into school!
Up the ramp! UP UP UP UP UP! Wheee!
Open the door, Mama! Here I go!!
It's time for breakfast! I go eat!

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