Friday, October 22, 2010


Mark and Anthony left today to go camping with the Istrouma Council with the Boy Scouts of America. The camp is at Avondale in Clinton, LA.

Anthony was practically quivering with excitement when they left - and was pretty impatient that they had to return home 20 minutes later because they forgot a few things.

I think Mark was looking forward to this just as much as Anthony was! He talks a lot about when he was in Boy Scouts and I know he's going to love carrying on this tradition with Anthony (and maybe Benjamin).

I have no desire to go camping. Ever. I'm sure at some point, with two boys, I'll get roped into it. But the idea of no shower for two days, questionable toilet facilities and the possibility of not brushing my teeth? No. Thank. You.

So instead, Benjamin and I will spend the weekend together, eagerly anticipating Daddy and Brother's return on Sunday morning.

I hope there will be tons of pictures to share!

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