Saturday, May 01, 2010

Things to Remember

Anthony getting dressed up for dinner last night: jeans, long sleeved shirt and hair brushed. It was so adorable.

Benjamin's name for Grandpa: "Tee Ta!"

Anthony working his butt off to be good at school so that he can get his "treat" at the end of the week. We are bribing him with McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I have a feeling this might get worse as he gets older.

Benjamin's favorite word now as it pertains to food: Oh-PEEN (open).

Anthony's eyes today when I told him he was getting an extra dollar with his allowance this week (taking it to a total of $3.00) because he helped out a lot in the yard this morning. The kid thinks he's rich!

When asked where Nana or Grandpa or Daddy are, Benjamin will say, "Werk" (work). But if you ask him where Maw Maw or Paw Paw are, he says, "Ah he howz" (at his house). Apparently Maw Maw and Paw Paw don't work.

At nap time just a while ago, I told Anthony to pick out a few books to read and he grabbed his Nintendo DSi game manuals. Guess that's good nap time reading?

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