Sunday, January 31, 2010

Never Forget - Exclusive Benjamin Version

Benjamin, dropping EVERYTHING, to dance to Gitchie Gitchie Goo by Phineas and Ferb no matter where he is.

Walking up to Mimi's fiance, Uncle Mike, when they arrived tonight and saying, "Hi, Mite!"

At dinner tonight, Benjamin smeared his chili all over his face, hair, and arms. He kept rubbing his eyes and we couldn't believe that he wasn't screaming from getting chili sauce in his eyes.

Holding up his Nemo play phone and saying "Cheeeeeese" while pressing the "camera" button.

Saying, "Dink doo!", usually around a mouthful of sippy cup, when I give him his juice or milk.

And one Mimi "Never Forget": never forget Mimi rushing to the sink to wash her hands and arms because she definitely felt something "wet and warm" from Benjamin's bottom...and it was obvious that what was wet and warm wasn't something anyone would want on their hands and arms. Makes me glad I was washing dishes and so Mark had to deal with that prize diaper. Oh, and Mimi might have gagged a couple of times, too.

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