Friday, October 23, 2009

Chef Geoff's

After we arrived at our hotel in DC on Thursday, October 15, Mark, Anthony and I hopped on the Metro to head to Chef Geoff's downtown. It's three blocks from the White House, but it was too late to do any sight seeing! We didn't even arrive at the restaurant until 9:30-ish.

Anthony was excited because they had spaghetti on the menu; the waiter brought it out as quickly as possible and Anthony ate and ate. The meatballs were awesome; they were made out of Italian sausage and were pretty big! The pasta was penne, which is one of Anthony's favorite "shape spaghettis" (as he calls it). And the fact that there was freshly grated Parmesan cheese to add on top was just the icing on the cake. They had his favorite dinner down PAT!

Mark and I both ordered the filet; he had Yukon mashed potatoes and I had garlic spinach. By the time our food came, Anthony had eaten and fallen asleep in my lap. He was so tired from the crazy day of travel, and it was already 10:00!

We ordered dessert to go - I got two small pumpkin cakes with mascarpone cheese in the middle with a caramel sauce; Mark got a fudge brownie with ice cream and caramel sauce.

As we were leaving, our waiter handed us a signed menu from Chef Geoff. He wasn't at the restaurant that night, but he had signed a menu for Anthony ahead of time.

A quick cab ride back to the hotel, and we were all tucked in for the night, ready for our trip to see the dinos the next day.

Dinner was quick, but it was delicious. I would definitely eat there again (and again).

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