Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bubbles and Brothers AND Lights and Legos

It's been a quiet few weeks here at home. We've had work and school, Ben was sick (virus - nothing big), LSU and Saints football to watch (finally!)...but really it's been quiet and we like it that way!

Anthony had lab work done at the beginning of the month, and like always they were rock solid. It's amazing to me how well he's done; I try never to take it for granted.

While the weather was nice earlier this week, we played outside (but not in the pool - the water is chilly!). Bubbles and basketball were the orders of the afternoon. Ben likes when the bubbles come TO him and pop on him.

I am amazed at how tall Anthony is. I shouldn't be, given that Mark and I are just shy of six feet each. But he really is just TALL. And LANKY. All arms and legs (and mouth).

I finally put batteries in this toy that Anthony's had forever. It twirls when you push a button and the lights come on. Ben got the hang of it right away and sat for quite some time (five whole minutes) playing with it.

Anthony and Mark put the police car and plane together this afternoon during Ben's nap. Now the fun part is keeping them out of Ben's reach.

A quick update on both boys:

Our house has been full of make-believe, dinosaurs and maps of the world lately. Anthony is having the time of his life finding out where all the different dinosaur bones have been found. I sincerely hope he becomes a paleontologist with all of this dinosaur knowledge he's storing up in his head! Anthony is doing well in school, with a few issues on keeping his mouth shut (can't imagine where he gets that from) and playing after it's time to stop playing (again, can't imagine that!). His reading is very advanced, and he's begun asking us how to add and subtract negative factors (Yesterday: "Mama, negative two plus four equals TWO!"). He even understands simple fractions.

Benjamin is talking more and more. He now says, "UP!" and "ROAR" (lion). He runs to his high chair when we say "eat" and to the back door when we say, "Let's go 'Bye bye'!". He loves to eat fresh fruit (bananas, peaches, pears, plums, mangoes, pineapple) and beans. He's still a clingy kid, but not a snuggler. He hates when he can't see me and wants to be literally attached to me at all times. But he doesn't mind if I leave him with someone, either. As long as I leave, he's content to be without me.

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