Monday, September 28, 2009

Backyard Fun!

The two sets of grandparents bought Anthony and Benjamin a new wooden play set for the backyard!

Mark, Grandpa and Paw Paw spent the better part of two afternoons putting it together, and it's still not finished! Once completed it will have: monkey bars, a clubhouse, rock climbing "wall", a slide, a glider and two swings!

The kids had a great time "helping" and playing outside with everyone.

All five guys "working"

Anthony in the clubhouse

Ben had fun dumping the bubbles out of the wand, and tasting the soap. He only made that mistake twice!

I love the expression on Anthony's face. "I'm waaaatching youuuu!"

The hose was turned on for a little water fun. Anthony is staying a careful distance back so as not to get wet.

The pool toys even got some action! We did go swimming earlier in the day, but this whale (dolphin?) is impossible to stay on while in the pool, so Anthony played with it after swimming.

Benjamin LOVES splashing and being splashed in the face. Mark turned the hose off so that Ben would look in it for the water and then Mark would turn it back on so that it would splash Ben. I, the caring mother, took pictures.

Climbing up the newly put together slide!

First to slide down...

Brother's turn!

And now, Anthony is home sick. He went to school this morning, but is home in bed with a fever, sore throat and headache. I hope he's better by Friday - we're taking him to see Walking with Dinosaurs!!

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