Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things to Remember

Anthony singing "Old MacDonald" to Benjamin this morning, and Ben singing along when Anthony got to the cow ("voo"), duck ("ack") and pig ("nnk").

A statement from Anthony: "Mommy, when I get to college, I'm going to hurry up and be a paleontologist, because I want you and Daddy to go on a dinosaur dig with me, but if I take too long in college, you and Daddy are going to be OLD.

Benjamin cackling with laughter when Anthony makes a silly noise, like, "BING!"

Benjamin's favorite words: tih-tock (clock), bottom (bottle), wass (grass), ball (c'mon, that one's EASY), isss (this).

Mimi saying, "Cookie Monster!" in a deep "monstery" voice and Ben saying back, "DA DA!" in a not-quite-as-deep, but still-as-funny "monstery" voice. He's right. Da Da is a cookie monster.

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Emilie said...

and "open...CLOSE." ha!