Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Busy, Busy Beavers

On Saturday Mark and I took the kids to pick blueberries. Benjamin wasn't too impressed; Anthony collected tons of blueberries. We got about 26 cups of blueberries, most of which are now frozen and ready to be baked into delicious muffins, cakes and yummy other treats.

Of course, on Sunday morning I made homemade blueberry muffins. Anthony suffered through eating one (he does not love blueberries) and Ben mauled his.

Also on Sunday: Mark, Anthony, Benjamin, Nana, Grandpa and I took a drive out to Folsom, Louisiana to the Global Wildlife Center. It was a great experience; I can't believe we haven't gone before! We had a good time feeding the animals, looking at the giraffes and zebras, and shopping in the gift store. I got a gorgeous giraffe wind chime! I loooove giraffes.

After all of that fun, the kids jumped in the pool at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's (with Mimi) and cooled off. Anthony jumped in before putting on his swimsuit - that's why he's in his underwear instead of a proper swimsuit!

We will close on both our current home and our new home on June 12! We will move in that weekend and hopefully have the house in good enough order to have a pool party for Ben's first (OMG!) birthday on June 20.

Once we're moved in and settled in, I'll take some pictures to post here.

For now, though, I'm immersed in packing and cleaning...save me...


Lacey said...

Geez...I can't BELIEVE he is almost one!!

Cheri said...

great pics--Global is about 20 minutes from our house----we have a membership and go about 5 times a year and love it every time. It's hard to believe Ben will be one already. Anthony is so grown up already.

groovie mom said...

I've been wanting to go there. Maybe next time we're home we'll take a field trip.