Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Breakin'

Anthony's been on Spring Break this week, and of course I had to work all week. I hardly spent any time with him this whole week!

Has he suffered from that, though? Of course not! He spent the week between the two grandparents' houses, and got to have all kinds of fun.

School resumes on Monday, and he's ready. I think he misses his friends. Definitely going to have to remember to schedule play dates during the summer so that he can keep up with his friends.


In other news, we put our house up for sale Friday, and already have two people interested in coming to see it tomorrow! We've been working like dogs to get the house ready to show; we hadn't anticipated anyone coming to see the house until at least Wednesday.

We haven't officially found a new home yet, but we've got a couple of houses we're interested in.


Yawn. What a boring post.

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Lacey said...

Fun...exactly what we've been doing for three months now! Our house is for sale too (just put it up today) and we have a couple we are interested in also but nothing quite there yet. :)