Monday, February 16, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Anthony, just shy of 8 months

Benjamin, just shy of 8 months

Anthony and Benjamin

I see so many similarities, but I don't think they look that much alike. Ben has so many of my mom's features, whereas Anthony seems to have nothing but features from Mark's family.

Ben has been sick lately with high fevers and a rash all over his body. The pediatrician assured us that it's nothing but a viral thing, and that we have to let it run its course. It's been hard to watch, though - when the fever gets high, he gets cranky and clingy. We love the clingy part - just not the fever and cranky parts. I think he's getting over it, though. His fever hasn't been nearly as high today, and he hasn't needed Tylenol as much.

Anthony is fine. He's been getting into trouble at school lately, and we're trying to figure out what privileges we can take away at home that will make him realize that misbehaving at school is not good. Just when I think he's finally getting it, he gets into trouble again. It's trying, but such a normal's hard not to be grateful for such normalcy!


Sarah said...

Awww! They look alike, but different too! Sweet little boys!

I hope Ben feels better. It really is going around and I am sick of it!

Anna gets in trouble at school too. I doesn't bother me as much as it should, I'm just glad that she is able to be in school. We try to sit down and talk to her about it, she'll behave for a couple days, but then we'll get another note!

Emilie said...

um...look at the sleeve length on both of the boys. It fits 8 month old Anthony, but not 8 month old Ben! Also look at the tie...the extra pieces are longer on Anthony and not so long on Ben... :o)