Wednesday, January 07, 2009


That's how we're all feeling around this house these days. We keep passing a cold back and forth, plus we all (except Benjamin) had a stomach virus that lasted about 24 hours.

Anthony's back to school, Ben's back to day care, Mark's back to work, I never stopped working...

Really. There is nothing interesting going on. I haven't even had the time to take pictures of the kids.

Ben goes for his six-month shots tomorrow. I'm so not looking forward to that one. Anthony got labs drawn last Wednesday, and I haven't even gotten a copy of the labs yet. I guess I'll pick those up tomorrow at the pediatrician's if I remember.

That's it. Bleh.


Amygdala said...

Aww...hope you feel better sweetness!

Reyne Beatmann said...

You've got to endure the "Bleh" days to appreciate the "Yeah" ones.