Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why My Husband Rocks

I'm a lucky gal.

Did you know that life is more hectic when there are two kids to coordinate and get ready? I'm sure no one else knows that. :)

But since we've brought Benjamin into our lives - has gotten more hectic. Mornings seem like rush, rush, rush (and I'm not usually there to coordinate it) and evenings seem like they fly by. Anthony needs to have his pre-breakfast (a pop-tart or slice of raisin bread), medicine needs to be taken, teeth need to be brushed, a uniform needs to be put on (undershirt, shirt, shorts, shirts tucked in, belt put on), hair needs to be brushed, the stuffed-animal-of-the-day needs to be chosen, shoes need to be found and put on...

Benjamin needs to have his juice bottle and a regular bottle, diaper needs to be changed, he needs to be dressed, burped, held...

And in the midst of all of that, Mark has to find time to get himself ready for work.

Where am I? Usually at work. I try to help as much as I can the night before by getting pre-breakfast ready, laying out the uniform, preparing the juice bottle, making sure Ben's diaper bag is packed, etc...but the morning rush is on Mark's shoulders 90% of the time.

And if that's not enough for him to do, I sometimes have to work on weekends, too. So when it should be Mark's time to relax he's still going, going, going with the kids.

Case in point: yesterday.

5:00am: Mommy's up and off to work...

Later that Morning: Anthony has two soccer "games" (pictures will be posted, I promise) in the morning. Then home for lunch and nap time.

Afternoon: Snack, and then Mommy's finally home. Mark gives Anthony a quick bath to clean him up and almost immediately after, we left for Church.

Evening: Back home, Mark cooks dinner. Steak fajitas. De-li-ci-ous. Dinner's over, where's Mommy? Relaxing in the bathtub. Does Daddy grumble and mumble over this? Nope - he's in the den with the kids, watching the LSU game.

Bedtime: Mark brushes Anthony's teeth and reads a bedtime story. Mommy sings and talks to Anthony about his day. Daddy lays with Anthony again until he's asleep (or close to it).

10:30pm: Mark gives Ben a bottle before we go to sleep.

3:30am: Mark gets up to feed Ben again.

5:00am: Mommy's up and off to work again...

Oh, and if I'm not working the morning shift, then I'm working the evening shift (2:00pm-10:30pm) which means that Mark has to do all of the evening stuff on his own, plus deal with Anthony who is sometimes inconsolable because I'm not there to sing to him.

My husband rocks. And I don't think I tell him that often enough.

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Renee said...

He DOES sound like a keeper!