Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

We're prepared for Hurricane Gustav - he's heading our way. We usually don't get too much damage here from hurricanes; we're just far enough in-land that we get rain and wind but rarely any of the full-force devastation that New Orleans can get. This time, we will probably be on the north-eastern side of the hurricane, and the winds here will be pretty forceful.

For those interested, here are a couple of links that you can follow to watch the progress of the storm.

National Hurricane Center There are quite a few graphs you can click on, plus updates on the actual coordinates of the storm's eye.

Emergency Louisiana This site will have plenty of information on how to stay safe in a hurricane, what the contra-flow out of the low-lying areas looks like, etc. If you're not from Louisiana, and haven't experienced a hurricane, this will give you an idea of how to be prepared for one. This is a website dedicated to everything going on in New Orleans.

The Advocate This is Baton Rouge's newspaper online.

WJBO This is ClearChannel Radio's news station online (in the Baton Rouge area).

The Advertiser This is Lafayette's newspaper online.

There are plenty more websites, but these are the ones that I'm following.

Please keep everyone who is in Gustav's path in your thoughts and prayers.


Lacey said...

Also try
Be safe! Love you

Just Me said...

One of my "blog friends" posted this prayer on her page. I thought it was very nice and wanted to share. Praying you and all you know are safe.

Take care,

"Heavenly Father,
You are the one and only Lord over the universe. You oversee the country in which we live and we are in awe of your power and thank you for your protection and for providing everything we need.

We pray Lord, that you will calm the winds of Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna please deliver us from this impending destruction. We are so unworthy of your protection and love and yet we know you will provide.

Calm the hearts of those projected to be affected by these storms and give them peace. We love you and know this is all in your hands. We thank you for holding ALL of us in the palm of your hand and praise you for the awesome God you are! You tell the winds where to blow and where the ocean can meet the land. We pray today for your mercy and grace to fall upon this nation and ask that you move many hearts toward you as you are the light of the world!
In Your Sweet Name We Pray!

Beth Fish said...

Oh dear oh dear - hope it misses you by a long way.