Monday, June 16, 2008

"Nose"-y Little Kid

Anthony put a bead up his nose today during Arts and Crafts time at school. The director called me, and she didn't even have to tell me who she was. When I heard her ask for "Laurie C....", I said, "Hello, Kim. What's Anthony done now?" She just laughed. His nose was bleeding a bit, she said, and he told her that he had put a bead up his nose.

Four hours later, I took him to the ENT. She looked up both nostrils with a camera (OUCH!) and said that she saw where there was a tear in his left internal nare, and that the bead had probably been sucked in and swallowed. It'll come out in his poop.

I think the camera-up-the-nose bit will keep him from ever doing THAT again. At least, I hope it will! And when we were ready to leave, the nurse offered a treat and I said, "No". I'm such a mean Mommy! We offer no prizes for sticking beads up our noses!

Gotta love a curious four-year-old boy!


Anonymous said...

When your Uncle Fred was about Anthony's age, he put an olive pit in his nose. It stayed in there so long that it sprouted. Uncle Ralph, M.D. removed it with some kind of instrument. So you see, Anthony is not the only "nose" y little boy in the world. Love, Gram

Lacey said...

My brother used to play with those fake worm things you go fishing with...somehow he managed to put a piece of one up his nose when he was around Anthony's age. Must be a boy thing!

cheri said...

When my brother was 3 he fed his nose a raisin because it was hungry. He had to have a minor operation to have it removed and my mom had it embedded in a clear paper weight for him with the date on it. He is now 39 and it sits on his desk . Must have made an impact.

Renee said...

I guess this is common! My niece stuck a piece of gerbil food in her nose at school about a month ago. She had to go to the dr. to get it out too!

Andree' said...

I am sure that Anthony will tattle on his new little brother one day if he ever sees him putting something up his nose. What ever happened to the saying "Up your nose with a rubber hose?" Love the tales!