Monday, June 23, 2008

Bath Time Last Night

Anthony got to help give Benjamin his bath last night. Anthony was a little surprised that Ben would cry through bath time when Anthony loves to bathe. He kept saying, "Don't cry, Benjamin! Anthony's getting you clean. Mommy's here." It was so cute.

Last night was pretty rough. Mark and I each got about 4 hours of sleep; Benjamin didn't want to sleep in the little bed we have in our room. So we split our time on the couch with Benjamin and in our bed alone getting some much needed rest.

Hopefully tonight will go a little more smoothly. I'm off to bed now, hoping to get an hour before it's feeding time again!


Lacey said...

Aww...poor Benjamin. I would cry too if I knew someone was going to post pics of being getting a bath on the internet ;) Too cute.

Lacey said...

And of course that was supposed to be "me" and not "being" I obviously need to go to bed right now.

Stacy said...

Anthony is such a wonderful big brother! Wow - I'm so impressed by what a great job he is doing. I hope you guys get some more rest. By the time mine came home from the hospital, they were already sleep trained. :-) It may be the one advantage to spending 2 months in the NICU.

Renee said...

Aww, he's helping already. What a good big brother.

Mary W said... cute! Look how Anthony has his hand on top of his brother's head....that's love...remember that in a couple of years when they're knocking each other over...LOL!