Friday, May 09, 2008

Spring Program

Anthony's school hosted a spring program today. It was the cutest thing! The four/five-year old class had a "Commencement Ceremony", too. Each child received a certificate and a gift bag with cool things like crayons! and coloring books! in it. They sang songs featuring the alphabet, days of the week, and months of the year. They also "danced" a May pole dance. This was pretty hilarious, as the boys ran and the girls walked, and so the boys kept bumping into the girls and there was more falling down than actual "dancing".


Each child presented their mother with flowers, too! They sang a song about Moms, and how they're good for hugging and kissing. I agree! :)

After the May pole dance:


Anonymous said...

Once when one of your sisters, or maybe it was you, the students at Cathedral-Carmel in Lafayette where you attended grammar school had a May Day celebration with a May Pole. I think it was you, Laurie, who was part of the May Pole dance. I attended with your Mother and other Grandmother. It was fun. Love, Gram

Just Me said...

Happy Mother's Day, Laurie! Hope you had a great day!