Monday, February 04, 2008

The TRUE Mardi Gras Mambo

We took Anthony to New Orleans on Sunday for the day parades. Okeanos, Babylon, Midcity and Thoth all rolled right in front of my cousin Patsy's hotel. As usual, a lot of our family came, and they let us horn right in on the celebration (thank God for big, fun-loving families!)!! Anthony had a really good time catching beads, but I think the most fun he had was dancing to all the music.

Mark caught him dancing on video (it's from the back, but it's still hilarious), and you can see a group of cheerleaders who marched in the parade in the background laughing at Anthony's dancing skills. Another cousin, Jennifer, also found his dancing hilarious; obviously she doesn't know style when she sees it! :)

We also have tons of pictures, but I wanted this video in a post all it's own.


fairenuff said...

What a mover!

Renee said...

That boy is gettin' it! go Anthony!