Wednesday, January 23, 2008


At bedtime on Saturday, Anthony asked me why we go to Church. I tried to explain it, as best I could, in easy four-year-old language. He asked, also, why we say the same prayers in Church. Then he asked what my favorite prayer is. Not knowing what to say (or, not knowing myself whether I truly HAVE a favorite prayer), I told him that one of my favorite prayers is the "Our Father". Then he asked what Maw Maw Peck's favorite prayer is.

Here's the thing about my grandmother: she has an impressive repertoire of prayers; all of which really mean something to her and that she says with utmost sincerity, so I have no idea what her favorite is, and whether she really has one favorite! So, I told Anthony that her favorite is the "Hail Mary".

"I want to learn that prayer so I can say it for Maw Maw Peck", he told me.

So each night since Saturday, we've been saying the "Hail Mary" together. And every time we get to the part about "blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus", Anthony giggles. Now, I'm not so devout that I can't handle my four-year-old having a chuckle at a prayer, but I wondered what he was laughing about.

Tonight, he asked me, "What's a womb, and WHY does Mary have fruit in it?" I couldn't even think of a good answer for that one, so I stumbled my way through it; something about babies and people sometimes calling them fruit when they're in their mommy's tummy.

His next question: "What KIND of fruit, Mommy?" Oh, Lord. I'm in trouble! I told him that I didn't know what kind, but that maybe we could talk about it later.

If he brings this back up, what in the world do I say to him??? This is WAY out of my league!!


Reyne said...

Anthony has a little Amelia Bedelia in him. Ever read those books to him? She is very literal and my Amelia is lot like her. Reyne

fairenuff said...

LOL, I would be tempted to tell him that children are juicy!!