Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trying to Keep Up, Part Seven

Good morning, Santa! Good morning, Frosty! Mama, Santa and Frosty woke up! Why did they woke up, Mama? It's morning! We wake up in the morning!

Where's the sun, Mommy? Why is the sun behind the clouds? It needs to come out! I see a little of the sun! Good morning, sun! Wake up! It's time to be awake!

Mommy, why Santa brings presents to girls and boys? He likes to bring presents. I think he's going to bring me ALL the Cars presents, Mommy! I really like Cars. I'm Lightning McQueen!

I got's to go to my school today, Mommy. And you got's to go to work. I'm going to the Lightning McQueen school, and you're going to you're Sally work, Mommy. I like Sally. She's the pretty blue car. You're pretty, Mommy.

Christmas is seven days away! Do I get to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, Mommy? Do we get to have cake? We need to have a Happy Birthday to Jesus cake, Mommy. He would like that.

Here I come, school! Hi, school! Good morning! Ms. Pat won't be here this week, Mommy. She's on vacation.

Like I was this weekend with you, Daddy, Nana, Grandpa and Parrain! We played "acrosse" (lacrosse), me and Parrain did. I made a goal! I throwed the ball in the goal with my "acrosse" stick, and I made a goal!

I like ice skating, Mommy. Do you like ice skating? Why you didn't go ice skating with us this weekend, Mommy? Why you got a baby growing in your tummy and you can't go ice skating, Mommy? I felled down, but Daddy and Grandpa and Parrain helped me skate. I'm a good skater, Mommy! I was fast like Lightning McQueen! Whoooooosh!

Bye, Mommy! I love you! Have a good day, Mommy! I'll see you this afternoon after nap time! Bye, Mommy! BYE!!!

PS: I haven't started my job yet. Anthony thinks I go to work every day because if he didn't, he would want to stay home with me every day. While I'm OK with that, we pay a LOT of money for him to go to school, and I can't justify paying the money and him not going. Oh, and Frosty and Santa are the two inflatables in our front yard. We have to greet them every morning and tell them good night every evening.

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