Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trying to Keep Up, Part Six

In the car, on the way to Spa Nana this morning:

Mommy, there's the jack o' lantern and ghosts! They woked up again! Good morning!

Woah! There's lots of cars on our street this morning. Where did all of these cars come from, Mommy? One, two, three, four...LOTS of cars!

There's some blue ants on my PJs, Mommy! Who ever heard of blue ants? That's silly! What are these other bugs, Mommy? What do beetles eat, Mommy? What are THESE bugs, Mommy? Caterpillars? I know about caterpillars! They make cocoons and go through mina-...memo-...mega-...mimo-...what's that word again, Mommy? Metamorphosis! Yes! That's where they get their BIG wings! And the wings tickle my fingers. That's silly, Mommy!

WOW! A BIG garbage truck, Mommy! I bet there's LOTS of garbage in there, Mommy! Does it stink, Mommy? Garbage stinks. EEEEEEEEEEEEEW!

Whee! Turn into Nana's neighborhood. Why did that car flash it's lights at us, Mommy? That was nice of that car to let us go.

Wait. Grandpa's new truck is here. Where's Nana's car? Is Nana here? Grandpa drove Nana's car? That's silly!

Let's go see Nana!

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