Saturday, May 05, 2007

This? THIS is Murphy's Law

Final grades had to be submitted as of yesterday. I usually can check on Blackboard (an online website where you can get your notes for class and your GRADES) and see how I did. However, as is normal for everything else at this school, Blackboard will be down until the end of next week for scheduled maintenance. Excuse me, but couldn't you just schedule your maintenance for later? I mean, I've scheduled maintenance, people, and I know you can reschedule scheduled maintenance (got that??).

So yeah. I won't know my grades for about 2 weeks now. BUT, I think I did OK. No matter what my final grades were, ALL of the teachers are going to have to curve the grades up. I don't get that. Why make tests so hard that all of the students do poorly, and then curve at the end? UGH.


Anonymous said...

Drat Blackboard maintenance!
Love, Gram

Mia's mommy said...

Your going to do fine!! I'm sure your going to come tell us you made straight A's!!!! You study enough for them. :) Good luck.