Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slideshow of Neel and Hina's Wedding

Turn your sound on, and click the little speaker button on the slideshow if you have to. These are about 90 pictures from Neel and Hina's wedding. I tried to keep them in chronological order, so the first ones you'll see are of the gathering on Friday. The next group will be of the ceremony on Saturday, and then when you see another outfit change, you'll know you've come to the reception Saturday night.

The wedding was unbelievably beautiful. I won't lie and say I understood any of it, but just watching parts of it was enough for me! Mark danced (I sat out due to my, um, knee...yeah...that's it!), and so did some of the other friends from college.

I tried to find a way to label each picture so you'd know who each person is, but I can't figure it out. You'll be able to figure out who the important people are simply by their clothes, and the fact that they're in a lot of pictures.


Music: "One" by U2, the music played for the bride and groom's first dance

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Renee said...

Such beautiful colors, and beautiful girls too. Thanks for sharing, Laurie.