Monday, March 12, 2007


Sometimes I feel as though my life really isn't mine. I begin to wonder if I'm just playing "Mommy" or "Dress-Up". I walk through my house, and feel like it's not all mine. I'm not married, I don't have a child, or any responsibilities. Sometimes I just feel like I'm not supposed to be an adult. It's not that I have the energy of a younger person! Certainly it's not that. I can't really explain it...I just don't feel like it's real. I'll be 29 soon. That's adult, right? That means that I've got responsibilities, right?

I've certainly got a sweet little family:
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Oh, and at midnight, when your three-year old wakes you realize you've got tons of responsibilities. First and foremost: to get his little butt back in bed and back to sleep so you can get some sleep, too.


Anonymous said...

What a nice little family! Wait until you have six like I did and then you will really wonder who you are. But I'm still the same person, only older, MUCH OLDER! I reminisce back to the younger years quite often. Those were good times. Don't let them pass you up. ENJOY THE NOW!
Love, Gram

Renee said...

I was thinking about this exact same thing over the weekend. It just hit me. I was in the bathroom getting ready, and the kids kept coming in asking me for things. And all of a sudden, I thought, "I'm the mom, I'm supposed to take care of all of this. Wow! HOw did that happen?!".
And my oldest is 11. I guess you never totally get used to it.