Sunday, March 18, 2007

Allergic to Stupid People

I just finished reading an article in Child Magazine called Allergy Nation. (You can read it online here). It amazes me the reactions of some of the parents quoted in this article. One parent was quoted (at a PTO meeting, nonetheless) as saying that he would "tell his child to 'smear' the peanut butter along the hallway walls". Wait. WHAT? WHAT???? (As an aside, I do not hold Child Magazine responsible for these folks''s their job to print this, well, crap).

Anthony has no food allergies (that we know of), and his seasonal allergies don't count to me as true allergies. Yes, he sometimes needs a little Claritin or Rhinocort, but that's it. That's not EpiPen, Benadryl, and/or hospitalization caliber to me.

So what if Anthony can't bring a PBJ to school? So what if Nutter Butters can't be the snack I bring for his class? If it means that I'm not putting another person's child in danger, then so be it! He can have a PBJ for snack in the afternoon! He can have Nutter Butter's for a special treat at home!

I know many people whose children have food allergies: Danette's Mia, Lisa's Aiden, Stacy's Tanner, Tammy's Janna...the list goes on and on. Food allergies are SO COMMON. I would die if I put these children at risk for an allergic reaction! (Go see those kids...they look so *gasp* normal! You can't see "I have food allergies" stamped on their heads, can you???)

Some of the kids I listed can go to school, and just avoid their allergens. Tanner can go to school, and just not eat things with egg in them. Someone cracking an egg near him probably won't trigger an allergy. (And while it's really not that simple, once you've got the hang of what is egg and what isn't, you've got a handle on the situation). But with a peanut allergy, simply opening a bag of peanuts near an allergic person could trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

Peanut-free schools? OK by me!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! My grandaughter is one of the children with a life-threatening peanut allergy. Her school, teachers, & other parents are not as understanding as you. We live in terror every day. I cannot understand why anyone would put a child at risk.

NoPeanuts said...

I have read a few comments tonight from parents of children who are free from severe allergies and it makes me feel better. My theory was always that most parents are supportive of things that promote safety for all kids. The fact that somebody would send his child to smear peanut butter through the school is idiotic. How do you take such a position?

I wrote piece on this on my blog ... ... the article is called "It Takes A Village - Peanut Terrorists".

Cheers, NP.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support!
A lot of parents are not so thoughtful and accomidating when it comes to keeping allergic children safe.

Anonymous said...

Laurie: Someday I will tell you about your Uncle Fred's allergies. He couldn't even be in the kitchen if an egg was being fried or the whites beaten. No wheat cereal of bread! At age 4 it was all over!

Love, Gram

AmyH said...

Bless you for your reasonableness.

My child is one of those who reacts to smelling peanut - the ones who aren't supposed to exist.

We homeschool by personal choice, but I hate to see other parents pressured to homeschool against their wishes so as not to *inconvenience* others.

Thank you for what is a too-rare beacon of kindness.