Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Potty Language

Anthony is finally getting the hang of recognizing his urges, and heading to the potty before going in his underwear. This is happening at just the right time for him, too! He started at a new day care yesterday and the price difference between potty trained and not is significant (for us). So he'll spend a couple of weeks in the two-year old classroom until they're satisfied that he's potty trained, and then he'll move on to the three-year old class.

After picking him up at school yesterday, we ran a few errands and then wound up at Nana's house. Anthony needed to go potty, but this time he did something a little different. Instead of sitting on the seat to urinate he lifted the seat, arched his back and urinated standing up! It was so cute and pretty funny, too. He must have picked that one up at school today!

I'm hoping that this new school will be a better fit for Anthony. Anthony's old school is moving to a new location, and it was just time to move Anthony. If we're still here when Anthony goes to Kindergarten, he will be able to come back to this day care for after school care and during the summer months for camp. The school where Anthony will go to Kindergarten is just across the street from this day care, and I have heard nothing but the highest praise for this school.


Renee said...

Yeah for peeing standing up! I can't even imagine John M. doing that. Of course, we're still working on the sitting down part.

Anonymous said...

I wrote you a note but I don't know why it didn't go through. Let me know.

Love, Gram

Anonymous said...

I hope I do this one right. What I wanted to say was have courage. I've never seen a grown man who wasn't toilet trained!

Love, Gram