Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How do you do this again..........

Laurie has added me to her blog so that I can write up a post when I feel like it. Although, this is not my first post some of you may remember my post from last year when Laurie was on her "mini-vacation".

Anyway, some of you may noticed the "new" banner on the bottom left of Laurie's blog that appeared a few weeks ago. It's for a group called Child's Play.

I asked Laurie to add it a few weeks ago; I have no connection to them and thought it would be nice if we added it. They coordinate with hospitals around the country and even some around the world in order to collect donations for movies, video games, and video game systems. Anthony was way too young to use/ask for any of these when he was enduring his stints in and out of the hospitals, but Laurie and I can remember seeing all of the other kids that did ask for them during their stays.

They are linked up with one of the two hospitals we USED to frequent (knock on wood) - Univ. of Neb. Omaha. It would be nice if they hooked up with Children's in New Orleans, but they already have Tulane's Children's Hospital.

In the past three years, they have received over $1 million in donations. You can give a direct monetary donation or find your hospital/a hospital you know of and look at the listing of things they would like to receive.

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Amanda said...

Thanks for remembering us! Our kids DO love their games!! Glad you haven't had to come back to visit--it is well below feezing here, so not very fun at all! Take care.