Sunday, December 10, 2006

Acadian Village

When I was a little girl, my parents would take my sisters and me to see the Christmas lights at Acadian Village in Lafayette. One or two years, I sang with the Lafayette Children's Choir, and we performed there. I remember cold nights, hot chocolate, a little "church" and the Christmas lights. I remember an alligator of lights in the middle of a pond, and lots of little wooden bridges. I also remember the candy canes that lined the sidewalks of the village.

Last night Mike, Margaret, Mark, Anthony and I went to the Acadian Village, and everything I remember was still there. Add in a carousel, train, roller coaster and a flying carpet ride...and you've got a happy Anthony. He rode the carousel once and the train twice. Since when did Acadian Village go carnival?

We had a great time, and while it was cold, it wasn't unbearably so. We burned our lips on hot chocolate, Anthony ate popcorn, and Grandpa and I ate peanuts.

It's so wonderful to not have to worry about studying on the weekends, and to be able to enjoy these kinds of outings without thinking about school. I can tell you that I'm really going to enjoy this four week mental break!

Stay tuned for a fun "End of 2006" post that I'm working on. It won't be published until after Christmas, but I've been working hard on it!

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Andree said...

All of ya'll look so healthy with the rosey cheecks!

Renee said...

Great picture of the three of you!

Mia's mommy said...

Great picture!! Glad ya'll had fun..but no phone call to say hey while in town?? :( j/k