Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great Day

Today we found out that our neighbor had her baby...a beautiful little boy named Carter Jacob. Congratulations to Ryan and Steven! I would post a picture, but didn't ask the new parents' permission. Trust me when I say he is a beautiful, perfect little boy.

Tomorrow Anthony will have his surgery at 8:45. He will have tubes placed and his adenoids removed. We'll spend the rest of the day relaxing at home. Friday will also be a day of relaxation (uh, hopefully). Or maybe it will be a day of frantic energy. Thank God Mark only works half days on Friday! :)

School starts back for me on Monday. I'll be taking 20 hours, and I have this eerie feeling that I'll be swamped this semester. I had lunch with a classmate today, and we were already discussing how we are looking forward to our 4 week break at Christmas! We're pathetic.

Anthony moved into the "young" three-year old classroom. This is the classroom where he will stay until about April of next year (I think). There is a new teacher in his class who has a degree in Early Childhood Development. She has an actual curriculum the class will follow, and she will be actively potty training the whole class (with the help of two aides) starting this Monday. As of Modnay, Anthony will no longer wear diapers at school. I'm to bring about 10 pairs of underwear and they will change him as often as necessary. I'll be interested to see if this works!

Anthony came home this evening with a new phrase. We had finished dinner and were getting ready to go to the hospital to visit Baby Carter. Anthony came up to me and said, "Shut up, Mommy!" Uh, what? So I explained to him that this is not something we tell people and that I would have to put him in time-out if he said it again...and he didn't. Gotta love the things he picks up in day care!

I'll post again tomorrow when we're home. Please say a prayer, or keep us in your thoughts. I know that this will be a simple surgery, but I'm still going to have to give him up to be put under anesthesia once again. The heart doesn't hurt less because it's a "smaller" surgery.


Anonymous said...

I had the same surgery when I was about 3 and they ended up kicking me out of the hospital instead of having me stay in recovery because I was so loud and all over the halls. Don't count on too much rest Friday! :)

Tammy & Janna said...

We will keep Anthony in our prayers that all goes well.

Renee said...

Hope everything goes will with Anthony's surgery. Y'all will be in my prayers.

angie said...

Thinking about Anthony today. I'm sure that all will go well, but I definitely KNOW what you mean about giving him up to the surgeons. It truly breaks my heart every time!!!