Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why I Hate My Husband
He's So Corny

Mark and I love to go to the fresh produce stand near our house and buy our fruits and veggies there. Not only is it MUCH cheaper, we're supporting the Louisiana farmers by doing it.

Yesterday we bought 10 potatoes (potato soup) and 6 ears of corn (Mark wants to try his hand at a creamy corn soup recipe he found).

After he shucked the corn, he came inside to cut it off the cob. And this is the conversation we had.

Me: You're going to get corn everywhere. I'm going to have to clean it up. (Mark laughing). It's not funny, Mark!

Mark: What, you don't think it's corny?

Me: GROAN. I'm so not acknowledging you. You're going to have to sweep it up. I'm not doing it.

Mark: Who are you to give me orders? A Colonel?

Me: Double groan. I'm still so not acknowledging you.

Mark: Why aren't you a"maize"d at my jokes?

Me: I can't even look at you.

Mark: I thought you would be all ears!

Me: I want a divorce.

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