Friday, July 21, 2006

Messy, Messy, Messy

I'm taking a mental health break today. Anthony has gone off on a road trip with his Nana and Grandpa to visit Uncle Matt in Georgia, and I am going to clean his room. He always picks up his toys before going to bed at night, but during the day, his idea of "playing" is "take every single toy within my reach and put it on the floor. Then I'll complain that I can't find anything in my room." So I'm going to take every toy out of that room and only put back the ones that he really plays with. There are so many non-age appropriate toys in his room still (think rattles and baby toys), and they just don't need to be there. So they'll have a spot in a Tupperware box and go into the attic.

This is what Anthony's room looked like before we picked up his toys last night. He thinks this is hilarious, but loves to help me pick up, I can't complain too much when he does this.
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Anthony will be gone until Monday, so this will give me a good bit of time to study. I have a big test on Monday, so this is the perfect time for him to head off on a mini-vacation. This is the first time Anthony will be gone this long without Mark or I, but he's in good hands, so I'm not worried. I'll miss him, but I know he's going to have so much fun!

So. Mental health=clean the house. God help me, I never thought it would come to that! :)

Love, Laurie

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Renee said...

A room in that condition is all too familiar to me. At least, he cleans it up! That's some good training there. Have a good weekend sans-kids, and good luck on your test!