Monday, November 07, 2005

Lovely, Lovely Labs

Anthony's labs were fine this morning. For my numbers people (uh, Stacy):

Liver Functions
AST: 29
ALT: 14
GGT: 9
Alk Phos: 188

Kidney Functions
BUN: 9
Creat: 0.2

Liver and Kidney Functions
Albumin: 3.8

Hemoglobin: 13.3
Hematocrit: 38.7

Last year at this time, Anthony's liver functions were at least triple what they are now. His kidney function wasn't much better, and his blood levels were dipping into "needs transfusion" levels. What a difference a year can make!

The drop-off at day care was a nightmare. We weren't even in the parking lot before Anthony started crying. I imagine after a week at Spa Nana, Anthony was rightfully spoiled and thought that maybe we had finally given up on this day care notion. He's also making the transition to the two-year old classroom this week. He came home today with a coloring page (his first one!) and it is proudly displayed on our refrigerator. The teachers in this class will introduce a letter from the alphabet each week, and we'll get all kinds of artwork pertaining to that letter. This week they're learning (OK, not learning, really...introducing?) the letter J. I'm interested to see how much of this stuff these kids actually pick up, or if this is more of a "Let's expose them to the alphabet early and get them used to seeing it" concept. I'm betting on the latter.

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony
Coming up in Anthony-land:
Tuesday - Thursday: day care
Friday: speech therapy starts

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angie said...

OK Laurie,
I pulled up your page on the computer, and I thought that I had the wrong one. That picture of Anthony...he looks SO grown up...I hardly recognized him! He is still very cute. I am glad to see his liver functions doing well..that is what makes us happy!!