Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Labs and Things

Anthony had labs yesterday. I'm at school, so I don't have the exact numbers, but his liver functions went up a teeny tiny bit. All of them went up, so we'll repeat labs next week to make sure he's not having a rejection episode.

A strange thing happened yesterday, too. When I got Anthony up in the morning to get ready to leave the house, he had trouble walking, standing and reaching for objects. He couldn't walk a straight line, he fell down often, and when he was standing still he wobbled until he fell over. He reached for his sippy cup and even though he was looking straight at it, he missed. This is all so unlike Anthony that I grew very concerned. When I mentioned it to Cheri and Melissa at the lab, they saw it, too. So I know it wasn't just me seeing things.

After labs, I walked over to Dr. Patterson's office and got the first morning appointment for Anthony. Dr. Patterson noticed that Anthony wasn't as steady as he normally is, but his balance was already returning to normal. He was able to stand still, reach for a book, and bring it to me. He wavered a bit in his steps, but other than that he was normal. We discussed a CT scan, an MRI and more intense blood work, but agreed to wait to see how Anthony did for a couple of days.

Dr. Patterson did mention to me that because Anthony has a cold/congestion/sinus thing going on right now that the extra congestion in his head could cause the imbalance. He gave me a decongestant without an anti-histimine (didn't want to make him more wobbly), and told me to see how that did for the cold. He felt that the draining of the fluid would help to correct Anthony's dizziness/wobbliness/whatever. Since then, I haven't noticed any more issues.

So, we'll repeat labs next Monday and go from there with the liver issues. Hopefully the slight rise in numbers is just a result of this bug Anthony's got. Good news? Whatever he's got isn't slowing him down a bit. He's still wild and crazy Anthony.

I've gotten the results on three of the seven tests/quizzes I took last week! So far I've got an A and a B on two tests, and a B on one of the quizzes (misspelled something on the quiz, dangit!)! The A test was my CHEMISTRY TEST!! I'm so excited about that one!

Well, that's all that is going on in our world right now! Thanks for checking up on us.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony
Coming up in Anthony-land:
Wednesday-Friday: day care
Saturday: Church/School fair with Nana and Grandpa
Sunday: a visit with some New Orleans family???
Monday: repeat labs


Renee said...

Hope Anthony is doing better. That must have scared you. And congratulations on your tests! You're doing great. I admire you for going to school, while raising a child. I couldn't do it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Great job on your tests/quizes. Getting back into the school funk is never easy. I hope the new meds work for Anthony's cold and the labs come back Aok! E

Sarah said...

Good job on your tests! Prayers for Anthony's numbers to climb down for his next blood draw.