Sunday, September 04, 2005

They're All Finally Safe

Mark's Uncle Noah is out of his house in New Orleans. He is at the New Orleans airport trying to find a way to Thibodaux (where his mother lives) and then he'll get to Baton Rouge from there. He is the last of our relatives and friends that we had not heard from. Thank God he's OK!

Tomorrow I will go to Metairie with a friend who recently moved there. She is being allowed back in to get her belongings. We're hoping this will be a "quick" (in relative terms) trip, and a safe one. I've got gloves and masks, water bottles, and will pack food for a day. Hopefully we'll be in and out in the span of tomorrow with no trouble from looters. There will be National Guardsmen all over the place, I'm sure, but please say a prayer that we can get her things and get out safely.

I'll update again tomorrow.

Love, Laurie


Moreena said...

I finally have regular internet access, and I'm so sorry to hear of all your family members have been through. I hope everything goes well tomorrow. It's been surreal reading the accounts of the situation down there, especially as I was away from the news for several days while we dealt with the funeral and then Annika's situation. Anyway, I hope hope hope everything goes well and that your part of the world can come back to something like normal life soon.

Sarah said...

Good news, you must be breathing a sigh of relief knowing that your family is all safe now.

Shannon, Little Marisa' s Mommy said...

I'm so happy to hear that your family and friends are safe. We've been thinking about you.