Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally! A Picture!

Anthony has changed so much in the past weeks. I'm amazed at how quickly word sounds are coming. He's still not speaking consistently, but he has said some words (chicken, if you can believe that). He is also picking up more sounds. Oh, and he finally said, "Dada!" and got it right! Paw Paw, Parrain (French for godfather(Mark's youngest brother)) and Grandpa are all "Pah Pah", he says "Nana" (Mark's mom), "Mimi" (my younger sister, Emilie), and sometimes something that sounds like "Matt" (Mark's other younger brother). I'm working with him on "Kri" (my older sister, Kristen) and "Maw Maw" (my mom). He's doing pretty well. I should get recent pictures of everyone so we can do something like flashcards with him. After just a few nights of working with Anthony, we got him to finally catch on to "Dada". We did a lot of pointing at me, Mark and Anthony and asking, "Who is this?" He got it pretty quickly.

Another favorite of Anthony's is the "Voom voom", and yes he says that. It's for vacuum. We don't usually let him play with it, though, because picking it up causes a meltdown like I had never seen before. I'm sure the neighbors think we're beating him, when all we're doing is saying, "No, Anthony. It's time to eat. You need to stop vacuuming." If only they knew we were putting him to work already. Hopefully he'll keep that vacuum love going well into his teenage years.

Anthony is fascinated with our shoes. He likes to put them on and shuffle around the room in them. It's really cute to see those toddler size 5 feet walking in my women's size 11 shoes. Yes. Size 11. I'm tall; it works. Quit laughing.

On to the picture:
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Anthony loves this bible he got from Mimi for his baptism. But don't you dare go past the first page. That's the page that has all the animals on it. Adam and Eve are standing behind a bush, and Eve's got her hands covering her breasts. That made me laugh so hard the first time I saw it. The illustrator could have at least drawn the bush higher! Anyway, there are tons of animals on this page, and Anthony can point out each one and make a sound for each, too. Except for the giraffe. None of us are sure of the sound a giraffe makes, so we haven't taught that one. Anyone know???

Well, today will be a quiet day for me. Anthony is off to day care, Mark works all day, and I'll be home studying. Yahoo.

Thanks for checking in on us! Please continue to pray for everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Love, Laurie, Mark and Anthony

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your family is safe but so sad for the many that weren't as lucky. My prayers are with you all. And btw, is Anthony getting cuter everyday? He's a doll! E